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Sea Scan® Echo

Ultra Compact Design | ROV & AUV Suitable | Altimeter & Profiler Options

Sea Scan ECHO

The ECHO is an ultra compact single beam sonar designed for small Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs).

Long Range & High Accuracy
Compact & Lightweight, and Low Power Consumption
Low Integration Costs
Customized Transducers Tailored to Your Application
Depth Ratings from 300 m to Full-Ocean Depth

The system’s long range and high precision make it an ideal tool for underwater altitude and distance measurement. Further, an imaging version is available that can be utilized for simplified bottom profiling and obstacle avoidance. The modular design of the Echo minimizes the mechanical footprint needed for the system integration and its filtering capabilities reduces noise effects maximizing system performance while using less power. The Echo communicates with the host computer over a RS-232 serial connection in NMEA 0183 format using standard ASCII characters. Designed to complement the ARC Scout Side Scan Sonar, it can also operate independently from its host system.

Size: 512.39 KB

The ARC Explorer Mk II comes with a rugged stainless-steel tow fish and a portable, watertight topside processor including a powerful, ruggedized laptop to operate in extreme conditions. Two dual frequency options are available to fit the needs of various applications. The 600/1200kHz option provides the ideal compromise between high range and high resolution, whereas the 900kHz/1800kHz option is optimized for applications that require ultra-high resolution imagery in order to detect very small targets in the first survey pass reducing the time and cost of the operation. The small form factor of all system components as well as the weight optimized design make the ARC Explorer Mk II ideal for one-man operation on small vessels of opportunity. 30m and 100m lightweight, Kevlar tow cable are included with the Mk II providing flexibility for different applications and simplified cable management on those smaller platforms. Customer specified-lengths are, however, also available. Like all Marine Sonic Technology products, the ARC Explorer Mk II comes with the user-friendly and self-explanatory Sea Scan Survey acquisition and review software.

Dual Simultaneous Transmission
Stainless Steel Construction
Built in Variable Angle Bracket
Shock Resistant Nosecone
Adaptive CHIRP
One Piece Ring Fin
Altimeter / Depth Sensor
100m & 30m Cables Standard

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