Sea Scan HDS System

blackFishSystem with sonar display 2


      HDS Specification Sheet

Sea Scan HDS kits include:
One single frequency HDS PVC digital tow fish available in the following frequencies: 300, 600, 900, or 1200 kHz
or a dual frequency HDS PVC digital tow fish available in the following frequency combinations: 300/900 kHz, 600/1200 kHz, 900/1800 kHz.
One 100-meter (328 ft.) tow cable.
One 30-meter (98 ft.) tow cable.
One tow cable line weight (18 lbs.) for either deeper or faster towing operations.
A Quick-Start Manual for operators, a full-fledged Operator's Manual available for printing (Included on DVD), One Day of Factory Training, 24 Hour Technical Support, Rugged Shipping Containers, and a Tool and Spare Parts Kit.
Three Year Limited Warranty.

The Sea Scan HDS (High Definition Sonar) is Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd's NEW sonar system. Designed using the latest electronic technology the system is state of the art providing easy of connectivity and operation. The top side processor is small (8” x 4.5” x1.75”), lightweight, shock resistant, and designed to provide a telemetry interface between the tow fish and a Windows® PC. The top side processor clean design provides for a tow cable connector, USB 2.0 connector, fuse holder, power connector, LED power indicator and power switch.The system can be powered from a 12 to 24 VDC or 90-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz power source.

Sea Scan Survey is a new software package providing some exciting and new features to make collection and review of sonar data easier and more efficient. The software features an integrated waterfall display designed maximize the effective computer screen viewing area. The waterfall display has a complete tool set that allows range, length, height and area measurements, which can be executed in real-time or during post processing operations. In addition to measurement tools, Sea Scan Survey software provides an adjustable magnification zoom tool and a target marking tool. Added features include an advanced target marking system that allows instant access to any real-time marking point during either the on-water or post processing operation. Other windows are available during data collection and post processing that allows additional data perspectives. These include an A-Mode view of the sonar data, a data status window that shows: range delay, ping rate, SOG, COG, heading, Latitude/Longitude, and depth at a glance. The software includes a full feature navigation plotter to show swat coverage, marked targets and vector chart maps. Sea Scan Survey also has an advanced graphical user interface that providea variety of ways to maximum usage of the computer display.

The new digital tow fish uses narrow beam-width transducers with high power transmitters and low noise receivers to provide the highest image clarity and range. The digital transmission of data between the tow fish and topside processor allows for greater cable lengths and reduced noise interference. The tow fish design provides signal compression and a higher resolution data collection to improve the overall resolution of the system to 12bit data. This combination allows the user to collect data in a raw format and post process it as required without worry of loosing data in the process. Real-time data collection is also flexible allowing for adjustment of data resolution, ranges and range delay in minute increments.

The system components are packaged in rugged, hardened, and watertight cases to provide the utmost in protection during shipping and storage.